The College Union Council

The objectives of the  College Union  are

a) To train the students of the college in the duties, responsibilities, and rights of


b) To promote opportunities for the development of character leadership, efficiency, knowledge, and spirit of service among the students

c) To organize debates, seminars, work squads, tours and similar other activities

d) To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational and recreational

activities that are incidental and conducive to the above objects.

e) To work for the general welfare of the student community.

The College Union Council comprises  of the following persons 

1. President of the Union – Principal

2. Chairman – Sri. Sudeep. P

3. Vice-Chairman –  Smt.  Farhana  K. H

4.  General Secretary – Sri. Jerine Babu

5. Joint Secretary – Smt. Nasrin M.V

6. University Union Councilor – Sri. Jyothish . P.

7. Secretary, Fine Arts – Smt. Aparna Chandran

8. Student Editor of the College Magazine –  Smt. Anusha  Venu

9. General Captain (Sports &Games) – Sri. Albin Joseph

10. Moot Court Secretary –  Smt. Roshan Jebin

11. Staff Advisor –  Smt.Ahalya, Asst. Prof.

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