Internal Quality Assurance Cell

 The IQAC  of the college  has been constituted on 6th september 2021. It consists of the   Director of the institution, Principal  as the  Chairperson, Five senior teachers   of the College and one senior administrative   official and  two external experts  . The following is the structure of Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college. The  purpose of forming the IQAC  is to ensure  quality legal education, improve the academic and administrative performance of the College and institutionalization of best practices.


S.No Name  Designation/ Profession Position
 1 Dr. Aisha Nasrine Director Director
 2 Dr. A.Prasanna  Professor and Principal Chairperson
3  Sri.  Nadeer Administrator  Secretary
 4 Dr. Valsamma Paul Emeritus Professor Member
 5 Dr. Saroja A.S Professor Member
 6 Dr. Sulaiman Associate Professor Member
 7 Smt. Vidya . Asst. Professor Member
 8 Sri. Shafin,  Asst. Professor Member
 9 Ahalya, Asst. Professor Member
 10  Sri. Sajitha Advocate External Expert
 11 Sri. Salim Technical Expert External Expert


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