KMCT Law College

Kunhitharuvai Memorial Charitable Trust referred to as KMCT,  established in 1994 by Dr. K Moidu, a leading medical practitioner for imparting quality education to aspiring students in different professional fields . KMCT Law College, one of the educational institutions of KMCT group was established on 10th September 2013. This college is situated at Pazhoor, Mambara, Kuttippuram , Kerala, India. The college is  recognized by the Govt. of Kerala, approved by the Bar Council of India and  is affiliated to the University of Calicut. From its inception KMCT Law College had organized various academic and cultural programs. Every year the students celebrate very delightfully all the festivals viz. Onam,  Christmas, Ramadan  and  Mehandi fest in its traditional manner  with various competitions and cultural programs . Apart from this, as a law college, this institution used to conduct  moot court competitions , legal literacy programs,  legal  aid clinics and other  socially relevant programs.

Principal's Message

Human beings   are blessed with the unique  quality of  reasoning power. He alone has the   capacity to distinguish right and wrong.  Education enlightens  students by bringing  out the  innate  good qualities in them . The object of legal education is to equip the law  student with virtues and skills necessary for a good lawyer.    Honesty, courage, industry, wit, eloquence, judgment and fellowship are  the seven lamps of advocacy . There was a time when lawyer’s profession was considered as a charitable  service. Lawful claims of illiterate people were presented before courts of law by utilizing the skill and eloquence of educated youths who could convince the judge, the nature of their client’s grievances. Later, this service took the form of a profession. The    skills of the lawyer   should be   used to help the needy to prove their lawful and truthful claims before courts of law.  The task of law  is  social  welfare  and the lawyers are  the social engineers  who are  competent to use the sword of law for human welfare.  An  ideal  lawyer or judge  should try to  inculcate   all good qualities in his  character    so as to become  a role model for other members of the society. He  should reflect  a kind, loving , truthful and right attitude   in his thoughts, words and deeds.   Law graduates should not forget  these values  and their  social responsibilities when they enter the  legal profession.

Best Regards,

Dr. A. Prasanna


Dr. A. Prasanna